The use of APIs is becoming pervasive across the healthcare ecosystem as companies recognize how easily they can create innovative offerings that reduce costs, improve processes and enhance patient care. Conventional healthcare processes, such as interactions between payers and providers, are being optimized while new technologies, such as incorporating patient data from remote sensors, are becoming a reality. Even the quantified self movement would not be possible without APIs.

Learn how your company can leverage API Management to accelerate the development of advanced healthcare solutions and join the emerging industry transformation.

APIs Represent a Fundamental

Shift in Healthcare 

White Papers 



Kyle Armbrester, VP of Business Development at athenahealth, explains how the company was able to break through the challenges of legacy connections and creating point-to-point interfaces. 


Jesse Givens, Head of the CarePass Product at Aetna, discusses Aetna's journey to create a platform powered by APIs, enabling a user’s personal health information to flow between multiple sources.  


Healthcare & APIs: A Powerful Solution
Learn how companies are pioneering the advancement of healthcare solutions by securely exposing their data to select partners.

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Medical Devices, Care Providers and You 
Better understand how health practitioners are extending and improving patient care with connected devices. 

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How a Healthy API Program Can Accelerate Innovation and Revenue 

Matt Pierce, Senior Director of Business Development, and Tony Gerena, Director of Provider Services Development, at Greenway Health, will walk you through how Greenway Health propelled its business development efforts and enhanced its PrimeSUITE offering with a well managed API program.


Integrate, Share, and Secure Healthcare APIs
Intel's Expressway API Manager Enables Healthcare companies to securely expose PII and other valuable data through APIs.

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Powering Health Information Exchanges
Intel's Expressway Service Gateway® for Healthcare offers a proven solution that connects disparate data and allows for interoperability. 

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APIs: A Prescription for Innovation 
Ensure security while integrating legacy systems in the data-driven evolution of healthcare with a strategic API program.

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APIs, Mobile Apps and the Enterprise 
Data from wearables and mobile apps is enabling businesses and health organizations to provide better patient and consumer experiences.

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